, , , , , , , , , , , & , A novel sensorised insole for sensing feet pressure distributions, Sensors 20, 747 (2020). DOI  PDF


Wearable sensors are gaining in popularity because they enable outdoor experimental monitoring. This paper presents a cost-effective sensorised insole based on a mesh of tactile capacitive sensors. Each sensor’s spatial resolution is about 4 taxels/cm² in order to have an accurate reconstruction of the contact pressure distribution. As a consequence, the insole provides information such as contact forces moments, and centre of pressure. To retrieve this information, a calibration technique that fuses measurements from a vacuum chamber and shoes equipped with force/torque sensors is proposed. The validation analysis shows that the best performance achieved a root mean square error (RMSE) of about 7N for the contact forces and 2Nm for the contact moments when using the force/torque shoe data as ground truth. Thus, the insole may be an alternative to force/torque sensors for certain applications, with a considerably more cost-effective and less invasive hardware.

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